“Quinn, there will be a choice at the end of this journey. One you will not wish to make. I ask that when you choose between the two bad options presented, you will choose the one that will cause you the most pain.”

- Commander Tar of the Silver Serpents

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Ongoing Projects

All the creative writing projects I am currently working on.

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“If this is true, then this young man by default, is the most powerful and terrifying being in this entire world.”

- Sir Ironside

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“They died for the forgiveness of my sins. They died so I can have a name again. They died so you can set me free. Who do you think you are?… They died for me, not you.”

- Number 49

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“All heroes die by their own sword eventually… You’re next.”

- Madam Fayley Of the Sirens

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“Let’s finally do it, shall we? Let us end this terrible world once and for all. We’ll be nice even, we’ll do it gently…”

- The Gold Toothed Man

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